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Available For Group and Solo Performances

Fire Performer-Fire Dancer-Fire Eater

Fire Performer-Fire Dancer-Fire Eater                             Available for Solo & Group Performances

"...The crowds love her and you will be put at ease knowing that you are working with some of the best and most professional performers out there. "
-Amy S, Event Coordinator

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2015 Fire Promo

(Watch In HD 750p)



...spellbound guests at your next gala

...your party: the most unforgettable soiree of the season!

...The joyous squeals of captivated children at your next event!


...solo or group performance!

...ambient entertainment or fully staged performances 

...Or anything in between!


What Is Fire Dancing?

Fire Dancers - Fire Poi

Fire Dancing is a contemporary circus art, combining the elemental beauty of fire with the visual appeal of juggling and the grace and passion of dance. Fire Dancers leap, whirl and groove to music while manipulating objects such as hula hoops and classic martial arts weaponry (all aflame!) into stunning patterns of light. This breathtaking form of entertainment is sure to bring the “wow factor” to any event.

Fire Dancers - Fire Hula Hoop

Fire Dancers For All Occasions

Whether performing on stage, or intermingled with the crowd, Fiora Firefly is a sure bet to dazzle your guests  and leave them cheering for more!   Opt for ambient entertainment for smaller gatherings that are more of a social nature, or to take the energy of your dance floor from "just fun" to "red hot!"  For larger events, book several fire dancers for a staged show that will leave them slack-jawed and screaming for more!  Whatever the size and nature of your event, Fiora Firefly is happy to create a show for you that will make it the talk of the town!

Fire Eaters for Hire

Fire Eater - Fire Fleshing

From Ancient India to the Royal Courts of Ancient Greece to 19th Century Vaudeville, this beautiful and mesmerizing art has captured the imaginations of the masses for millenia.  Over time, the art of fire eating has evolved  from a demonstration of spiritual attainment to stunning sideshow entertainment.  

Add ambiance to your affair with a fire eater, as a solo act or as one facet of a more extravagant performance. 

LED Show - Hula Hoop

 LED Shows & Daytime Events

Is your an indoor event?  Many indoor venues are suitable for fire, depending on ventilation, amount of space and other considerations.  Is fire prohibited at your venue? For those where fire is considered unsafe, or prohibited for other reasons, Fiora offers high-powered LED performances that paint the night with “digital fire.”

Click here for more about LED shows.

For daytime situations, you might choose a performance or workshop utilizing brightly colored “day props.

Is your interest piqued yet?

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